The Fates of our Favorite Side-Kicks

After the premiere of season 4 I thought I’d write a short little post, not to answer any questions per say but definitely to raise some.  Now obviously this post is going to be very spoiler heavy, so please don’t go past the break if you have not read all the books.

If one thing is known its that David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have bloodier quill’s than that of even George R.R. Martin (OK maybe that’s not completely true, but its just because George has more characters to kill).  A great example of this is in Qarth where Pyat Pree, Xaro Xhoan Daxos, and all the members of the Thirteen were killed.  Albeit these characters, at least at the end of A Dance with Dragons, have not held much importance in their actions.  The question is though, have Dan and David had a change of mind?  In this upcoming season we will be having two characters, who have grown into fan favorites, either dying or leaving the main action.  The two characters I’m talking about are Sandor Clegane, and Bronn.

As we saw in the first episode of season 4, Two Swords, The Hound survived the fight at the Inn at the Crossroads, essentially unharmed.  Yes, he got kicked and beat on, and possibly cut in the back somewhere. But as we see when he left the inn he didn’t look anywhere near death, or truly even harmed.  So what does this mean for the fate of The Hound?  Is he going to die still, or have Dan and David found a different fate for this fan favorite character?  I honestly cannot say, maybe Dan and David are believers in the theory that Sandor is the Gravedigger on the Quiet Isle and we’ll leave him there.  But that just doesn’t seem right, I mean what is Arya just gonna say “see ya,” and continue on her journey by herself?  She even stated in Two Swords that she doesn’t believe she could survive without him.  Or will The Hound fall to his fate in an upcoming fight?  I guess this is something we’re just going to have to wait and see.

The second character who’s fate is up for discussion is Bronn.  Now he doesn’t die in the books, but he essentially is gone from the major events after he marries Lollys Stokeworth.  Yes, he is mentioned in some chapters when Cersei tells Falyse Stokeworth and her husband Balman Byrch to kill Bronn.  But Balman fails, leading to Bronn naming himself the Lord Protector of Stokeworth.  That’s all we know up to this point in A Dance with Dragons with what Bronn has been doing.  Sure he might play a larger role in future books (and I hope he does) but there’s no way Dan and David are going to send Bronn away, simply because with all the story line’s currently going on there’s no way they’d be able to show his parts. And I highly doubt they’ll have such a lovable character leave the screen.  So since we know that Bronn will be training Jamie to use his left hand, will Bronn take Ser Illyn’s place all together, accompanying Jamie on his travels? I could see this happening.

But as I said in the beginning I wrote this post to spark discussion.  So what do you think we will be the fates of these two characters?