Flashbacks In Season 5?

If you've read the A Song of Ice and Fire series you may have noticed that HBO's adaptation series, Game of Thrones, has left out every single flashback.  Because of this much of the back story for most of the characters is lost.  However with season 5 underway it looks like we might be getting our first few flashbacks.  It should be noted that these two possible flashback scenes are not confirmed, but based merely off rumors.

There are two possible flashback scenes that may happen in season 5.  Of course as I said before none of this is confirmed, but has been rumored.

A few weeks back an unofficial character update list was posted on Winter Is Coming; This list included all of the character that were announced in HBO's Season 5 - New Cast Members Video, as well as a few others.  The major one, whose importance could only be seen through a flashback, was Maggy the Frog.  This combined with the speculation that HBO is also looking for a young blonde girl to play the role of a young Cersei makes it look quite possible that we could be seeing Cersei's famous flashback scene.

I think it would be a great decision to add this flashback.  It really allows the audience to see just why Cersei is so paranoid; And when looking ahead to where Cersei's story line will most likely go in season 5, this flashback almost seems necessary for that arch to not seem forced.

The second possible flashback we might be getting - and quite possibility the most important flashback scene in the entire series - is The Tower of Joy scene.  According to Winter Is Coming, HBO might be filming some scenes at Scrabo Tower, in Northern Ireland.  Due to safety issues the tower has been deemed unsafe for visitors to enter the building. So if filming was happening at Scrabo Tower it would have to be used entirely for exterior shots.  The only scene I can think of that would make sense outside of Scrabo Tower would be the Tower of Joy scene.

Now one of the main reasons I think this might be happening - aside from the fact that Scrabo Tower looks like a perfect representation of The Tower of Joy.  But also due to the fact that Bran has now reached Bloodraven, and can begin his training.  Of course with the way Bran's powers work in the book, this possibility of seeing The Tower of Joy would be impossible, due to the lack of weirwoods trees around the tower.  But as we saw in season 4, when Bran touched the weirwood tree he saw Ned in the black cells, where obviously there aren't any weirwood trees.  So I think having Bran see The Tower of Joy flashback isn't to big of a stretch - and honestly enough this scene should have been included in season 1 simply due to its importance.

So what do you think?  Do you think we will be seeing any flashbacks in season 5? Let me know in the comments!