Yohn Royce Returning for Season 6

In a recent interview Rupert Vansittart spoke about his characters return for the sixth season of Game of Thrones.  Rupert Vansittart played the character Yohn Royce, one of the lords of the Vale.  Rupert isn't very specific about how much of a  role his character will have in the season, except for the fact that he will be filming in July and September.  It'll definitely be interesting to see where they might take his character, especially in light of how the show has changed around the Vale's storyline.  

Now for those of you who forgot who Yohn Royce is, here are the essentials.  Yohn Royce is the lord of House Royce, and is the Lord of Runestone.  In season 4 Royce sat on the tribunal that tried Baelish for the death of Lysa Arryn.  During this time Sansa revealed her true identity to the members of the tribunal (including Yohn Royce, Anya Waynwood, and Ser Vance Corbray).  We last saw Yohn Royce in season 5, where we see that he has taken on the role of fostering Robin Arryn at Runestone.  

You can watch the full interview from Flicks and the City here.

So what do you expect to see of Yohn Royce in the sixth season of Game of Thrones?  Leave your thoughts in the comments below!