Season 5 New Character & Locations

HBO has just released another behind-the-scenes video, this time talking about the new characters and locations in season 5 of Game of Thrones.  It's a bit odd to get a video talking about the new characters and locations half way through the season.  Nonetheless its still nice to get inside the heads of the creators, and hear their explanations and thoughts on each piece.  And the video shows us a few glimpses of a some scenes we have not seen yet - mainly on the Dornish side.  

The video focuses heavily on the new characters in Dorne: Doran Martell, Areo Hotah, and the Sand Snakes.  While also touching on one of the seasons new locations found in Dorne, the Water Gardens.  The video briefly covers the High Sparrow, and the House of Black and White. 

What did you think of this new behind-the-scenes video?  And which of these characters or locations are you most excited about seeing more of?

Plot Synopses for Episodes 501-503

Plot Synopses for Episodes 501-503

Plot synopses for the first three episodes of season five of Game of Thrones have surfaced thanks to SpoilerTV.  As all of these synopses usually are they are quite vague, but still give us a nice little picture of what we can expect to see unfold, and who will be the major focus of each episode.  These synopses have since been confirmed in the HBO schedule.  

Of course for spoiler reasons, you can find the synopses below the break.  Enjoy!

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First Four Episode Titles Revealed

With just over a month until the premier of season 5 of Game of Thrones we get our first bit of news on the actual episode titles.  Unfortunately its on the titles for the first four episodes of the season, but I'm sure that means it'll just be a bit longer until we get the titles for the other six.

The titles are:

Episode 501: "The Wars to Come"

Episode 502: "The House of Black and White"

Episode 503: "High Sparrow"

Episode 504: "The Sons of the Harpy"

So what do you make of these titles?  And which one gets you the most excited for the upcoming season?