Second Preview for "Kill the Boy"

HBO has just released a second preview for the upcoming episode of Game of Thrones, "Kill the Boy".  This time the scene is between Jon Snow and Maester Aemon.  In the short little snippet , of what I assume will be a fairly long scene, of Maester Aemon talking to Jon.  We hear Maester Aemon say the famous line from the books:  "kill the boy, Jon Snow, kill the boy...".  I can't wait to hear him finish this line.

Check out the sneak peek for yourself!

So what did you think of this sneak peek?  Did you like it more than the first one with the Bolton family dinner?  

Preview for Episode 5 "Kill the Boy"

HBO has just released a sneak peek of the upcoming episode of Game of Thrones, entitled "Kill the Boy".  The scene, release on the official Game of Thrones Instagram account, previews a Bolton family dinner - involving Roose Bolton, Ramsay Bolton, Fat Walda, and Sansa Stark.  

Check it out for yourself below!

I personally love this little sneak peek.  The fact that they are having Reek (Theon) being the one to give Sansa away during the wedding.  And the little drop of information that Roose and Walda are going to be having a baby.  I can't wait to see this scene extended during this Sunday's episode.

What did you think of this preview clip?  And how do you expect Ramsay to respond to the news about Walda's pregnancy?

"Sons of the Harpy" Viewership Breakdown

The numbers are in for the initial viewing for this weeks episode of Game of Thrones.  "Sons of the Harpy" had a total of 6.82 million viewers for the first airing of the episode.  This episode was just slightly higher than last weeks episode, "The House of Black and White", which had 6.71 million viewers for the initial airing.  

Although "Sons of the Harpy" saw a slight rise from the previous week, the shows viewership has been quite stagnant since the season 5 premiere.   I think next weeks episode, "Kill the Boy", will see a dramatic rise in viewership - being the first non-leaked episode of the season.  If episode 5 does as I expect it to, then I think we will see a consistent rise in viewership for the rest of the season.  

Viewership Drops for "The House of Black and White"

Coming off of the record breaking premiere of Game of Thrones season 5, it should be no surprise that episode two, "The House of Black and White", took a dip in viewership.  The first episode of season 5, "The Wars to Come", was viewed by 8 million people while last Sundays episode, "The House of Black and White", was viewed by 6.8 million people.  

Now of course 6.8 million viewers is nothing to brush off.  Game of Thrones was still the most successful show this past Sunday.  But a drop in viewership of, roughly, 1.2 million people is something to pay attention to - this being the largest drop of viewership in Game of Thrones history, the second largest being in season 4 losing roughly 760,000 viewers.  

I believe there are two reasons that may have caused this massive drop in viewership.  The first is quite simple, historically the second episode of each season has a drop in viewership.  However, these drops in viewership are usually only about 100,000, not 1.2 million.  The second reason, which may be the real reason we saw such a massive drop, was the fact that the first four episodes of season 5 leaked online the night before the premiere.  I think we'll start to see how big of an impact the leaked episodes will have, on the season, in the next few weeks.

Whatever caused this drop in views, Game of Thrones is still pulling in a massive viewership when compared to other shows.  So what do you think, will the show have a spike in viewership for episode three?  Or will it plateau until we get passed the leaked episodes?

Record Breaking Season 5 Premiere

Well it should be no surprise now that Game of Thrones season 5 premiere last Sunday has broken viewership records for the series.  Each year since the show began, back in 2011, it has been outdoing doing itself each season.

The return of Game of Thrones brought in just a tad under 8 million live and same-day viewers.  That's up 1.4 million viewers from the premiere of season 4, and up 800,000 from its previously most viewed episode, back on May 18, 2014.  

And all of this was done even with the first four episodes of the season leaking on-line just days before the premiere.  Goes to show you that even piracy can't stop this behemoth of a show.  

New Trailer from CNBC-E

With less than 2 days until the premiere of season 5 of Game of Thrones, CNBC-Europe has just posted a trailer with new footage of the upcoming season.  

Game of Thrones'un hiç görülmemiş yeni sezon görüntüleri bu tanıtımda! Efsane dizi ABD yayınıyla aynı gün, eşekherif çevirisiyle ve HD kalitesinde'de. TV yayını ise saat 22'de CNBC-e'de.

Posted by CNBC-E on Wednesday, April 8, 2015

So what did you think of this new trailer for season 5?  And whose story line are you most excited to see in the first episode, airing this Sunday?

Season 5 Promo Videos

With the premiere of season 5 of Game of Thrones just around the corner, HBO took to its YouTube account to release three new promo videos for the upcoming season.  The promo videos titled "Enemy", "Sinners" and "Future" might be short in length - only 15 seconds each - but they all show us some new scenes from season 5.  

So which promo video did you like the most?  What stuck out the most to you from these new glimpses of season 5?  

Titles Released for Episodes 505-507

Adding to the list of known episode titles for the upcoming season, GeekyInc has broken the news for episode titles 505-507.  GeekyInc previously brought us the titles for episodes 501-504.

The titles are:

Episode 505: "Kill the Boy"

Episode 506: "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken"

Episode 507: "The Gift"

The biggest surprise for me is episode 505.  I'm excited to see that they have decided to take the route with the quote, "Kill the boy and let the man be born."  Lets just hope the shows depiction of this story is as good the books.  

So what do you think of these three episode titles?