New Winds of Winter Sample Chapter

A new sample chapter from The Winds of Winter has just been released on George R.R. Martins official website.  The chapter is an Arianne chapter, which is very interesting for a number of reasons.  The main reason that its so interesting, to me, is that Arianne has been left out from Game of Thrones.  Possibly this is George showing us book-readers that even if the show is moving ahead, we don't need to be worried since the show has excluded so many key players in the series.

Clink the link here to head on over and check out the sample chapter for yourself!  And when you do, come back here and discuss the chapter in the comments below.  

New Winds of Winter Sample Chapter

George R.R. Martin has just released a new sample chapter, for the much anticipated upcoming book, The Winds of Winter.  Of courses for spoiler reasons, I cannot say whose POV the chapter is from, or what happens in the chapter.  Later this week I'll write another post covering my thoughts on the chapter.

But for those of you who have read through A Dance with Dragons, you can find the new Winds of Winter sample chapter right here.

The World of Ice and Fire Sample Pages

The World of Ice and Fire Sample Pages

Just a few more days until the release of The World of Ice and Fire.  For those of you out there who are like me, and just cannot wait to get your hands on some new Game of Thrones material, your in luck!  Barnes & Noble has just released a few new display pages from the The World of Ice and Fire.

However there is a catch, I was only able to clearly read the "Kings of Winter" page.  With the other pages, when I zoom in to read them the text gets to distorted to clearly read the words.  However they are still beautiful to look at.  So check out the pages below and let me know if you had better luck reading them.

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The World of Ice and Fire New Sample Chapter


Just a quick update here.  A new excerpt from the upcoming book The World of Ice and Fire is now available.  If you download the iTunes World of Ice and Fire app you will have access to the excerpt - I'm not sure if the excerpt is also available for people with Android phones.  This excerpt covers a piece of Vale history up through the Andal invasion. Enjoy!

Also if anyone has a Android phone, let me know in the comments if this excerpt is available there as well - I know the app is downloadable, I'm just not sure if the excerpt has been added there as well.

If you enjoyed this, and are looking forward to the The World of Ice and Fire you can now enter the giveaway we are running for the book.

The World of Ice and Fire Excerpt has just given us a new sample of The World of Ice and Fire.  This time focusing in on the Rhoynar, and Nymeria.  Below is a sample, of the sample, so if it sounds interesting you can check out all of the sample chapter right here.

The last of the great migrations into Westeros happened long after the coming of the First Men and the Andals. For once the Ghiscari wars had ended, the dragonlords of Valyria turned their gaze toward the west, where the growth of Valyrian power brought the Freehold and its colonies into conflict with the peoples of the Rhoyne.

The mightiest river in the world, the Rhoyne’s many tributaries stretched across much of western Essos. Along their banks had arisen a civilization and culture as storied and ancient as the Old Empire of Ghis. The Rhoynar had grown rich off the bounty of their river; Mother Rhoyne, they named her.

Fishers, traders, teachers, scholars, workers in wood and stone and metal, they raised their elegant towns and cities from the headwaters of the Rhoyne down to her mouth, each lovelier than the last. There was Ghoyan Drohe in the Velvet Hills, with its groves and waterfalls; Ny Sar, the city of fountains, alive with song; Ar Noy on the Qhoyne, with its halls of green marble; pale Sar Mell of the flowers; sea-girt Sarhoy with its canals and saltwater gardens; and Chroyane, greatest of all, the Festival City with its great Palace of Love.

Art and music flourished in the cities of the Rhoyne, and it is said their people had their own magic—a water magic very different from the sorceries of Valyria, which were woven of blood and fire. Though united by blood and culture and the river that had given them birth, the Rhoynish cities were elsewise fiercely independent, each with its own prince . . . or princess, for amongst these river folk, women were regarded as the equals of men.

First Look Inside The World of Ice and Fire

It has been noted that this Stark Family tree has some spelling errors as well as some siblings out of order, this of course will be corrected for final publication.

The "Contents" page gets me extremely excited to delve into the wonderful history of the A Song of Ice and Fire universe.  And the artwork on these pages looks absolutely wonderful.

So what do you think of these first few pages?

The World of Ice and Fire Sample - Aegon's Conquest

George R.R. Martin has just released a sample from the upcoming book The World of Ice and Fire: The Untold History of Westeros and the Game of Thrones.  This sample covers a bit of Aegon's Conquest, well up to the point of his conquest at least.  The book is scheduled to be released later in the year, October 28.

So does this sample get you excited for the book?

Winds of Winter Excerpt


As mentioned earlier, George R.R. Martin has juts released the newest Winds of Winter excerpt. Now if you couldn't guess, don't click the link if you have not read through A Dance with Dragons. Just to tease you non-book readers though, the title of this chapter is Mercy. 

Also if you haven't done so already download the George R.R. Martin's A World of Ice and Fire - A Game of Thrones Guide for another recently released sample chapter.