Game of Thrones IMAX Trailer

HBO has just released its special trailer for the upcoming premiere of Game of Thrones in IMAX.  Not only does the trailer do a wonderful job of bringing back all the great great memories from episodes 409 and 410, but it also gives us a glimpse at season 5 (and I mean it when I say glimpse).

For all the need to know details on this upcoming event check out our previous post detailing all the important information.  And if your just looking to buy your tickets, head on over to the IMAX website.

Those who attend this IMAX experience will also be seeing the full season 5 trailer before everyone else!  So are you going?  If so let me know which scene, from episodes 409 and 410, your most excited about seeing!

Game of Thrones IMAX Update

Game of Thrones IMAX Update

Since the announcement that Game of Thrones would be available in IMAX we've all been patiently waiting for the theater list to roll out.  After what seemed like an eternity, we finally have a few updates on this event.

Officially announced by HBO, the original start date for this event has been pushed back.  HBO and IMAX have decided, due to the large response of the event, to expand the opening and release the screening in more than the originally planned screening of 150 theaters.  Showings for this event will now start on January 29th, at 10 PM, and continue through February 5th.  Also keep an eye out, as tickets for this event go on sale January 16th.  

Details on what theaters will be showing this event, as well as the official press release, can all be found below

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Game of Thrones Coming to IMAX

For those of you who have dreamed about seeing Game of Thrones on the big screen, it would seem your dreams have finally been answered.  The New York Times has just reported that Game of Thrones is coming to IMAX for a limited time!

During the week of January 23-29, upward of 150 IMAX theaters across the United States will be playing "The Watchers on the Wall" and "The Children."  Accompanying the final two episodes of season 4 will be a debut trailer for season 5!

The list of theaters that these episodes will be playing in have no yet been announced.  However it should be any day now, as tickets were supposed to go on sale Tuesday, January 7.  However as soon as the list of theaters is released you'll be the first to know it!

So are you planning on going to an IMAX near you if its one of the chosen few airing this Game of Thrones experience?