Two New Actresses Cast

Two New Actresses Cast

There has been two new additions to the Game of Thrones cast for season 4.

Our first new cast member is Elizabeth Webster who will be taking on the role of Walda Frey, the wife of Lord Roose Bolton.  I find it very interesting that they decided to cast anyone for the role of Walda Frey, as she was never an important character in the books.  Like honestly she barely gets mentioned in the books.  WinterisComing shared a link showing that Elizabeth would be making her appearance in episode 2 of season 4.

Our second new actress is Lu Corfield who has been cast as a Moles Town madame.  My guess is that she will be taking on the role of Zei, or some writers equivalent of her.  But most likely she will be no one from the books and completely created for the sole purpose of the show.

Massive spoilers ahead if you have not finished A Storms of Swords.

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