What We Saw In Dubrovnik

What We Saw In Dubrovnik

Filming in the city of Dubrovnik has finally come to an end.  In this post we will be exploring a few of the most notable things that were captured on the set of Game of Thrones - of course no spoilers until after the break. The first notable sighting to mention is the faith militant.  In season 5 we will being seeing a much more important role from the side of the faith - more specifically that of the faith of the Seven.  These images give us a good idea of what they'll be looking like.  Its very easy to notice the seven pointed start on the foreheads of these men.  It is unclear as of now if this will be the Poor Fellows or the Warrior's Sons, of if the show will even include both groups.  As of it now it would appear only one of the groups will make it into the show - possibly a combination of two, as the show has done will other similar groups in previous seasons.

This is a long post.  And as you might have guessed, a long post will of course contain some spoilers, but as always there's a warning.  So keep your eyes out for that, and enjoy this collection of images!

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First Look at Oberyn Martell and Ellaria Sand

So it looks like Christmas came early! Months after filming wrapped up some photos have leaked giving us our first look at Indira Varma (Ellaria Sand) and Pedro Pascal (Oberyn Martell) on set and in costume.

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Also check out WinterisComing.net’s article on these pictures!  But be warned one of the pictures may be a spoiler for those of you who have not read A Storm of Swords.

New pictures of the Lannister Lion head in Gradac Park

New pictures of the Lannister Lion head in Gradac Park have been posted on JustDubrovnik today.  And it appears our lion has found his bottom jaw.

I have an idea of what this set will be used for, but I really don’t know if i’m for it or against it.  I’m just a little worried the lion head will come off cheap and tacky looking. I’ll provide my full thoughts later in a post, possibly today.