The Tower of Joy Will be in Season 6

The amazing crew over at Watchers on the Wall have just confirmed that the Tower of Joy will be in the sixth season of Game of Thrones.  As previously speculated, the Castillo de Zafra will be representing the Tower of Joy.  

When the casting sheet came out listing a Legendary Fighter who "carries a hugely famous sword on his back" everyone's mind instantly went to Ser Arthur Dayne.  Now that we have confirmation of the Tower of Joy making an appearance in the upcoming season, I'd say its as good as confirmed that the Legendary Fighter will be none other than Ser Arthur Dayne.  Watchers on the Wall released an updated casting write-up for the Legendary Fighter: 

Male, 30-35 years old
This heroic handsome figure is a legendary sword fighter and we want someone who looks heroic and like a fierce and efficient experienced fighter. We need a muscular physique and heroic look. He really does have to have physical impact. The flamboyant aspects of the fighting will be taken over by a stunt fighter but we need someone who looks like they can take care of themselves. 
Appears in one episode and has a couple of lines but the fight scene in which he appears is massive and memorable.
Shoot dates are week commencing 28th September in Northern Ireland

One thing that raises a question to this updated casting description is the fact that its specifying the shooting location as Northern Ireland.  While Castillo de Zafra is located in Spain.  Maybe the actual fight wont take place outside of the castle, but rather inside a studio, which would be more equiped to handle the scope of this "massive and memorable" fight.  

Whatever the case may be, I can't wait to see this "massive and memorable" fight.  What do you think, is this Legendary Fighter in fact Ser Arthur Dayne?  And if so, why is the casting list specifying a Northern Ireland shoot?  Leave your thoughts in the comments below!