George R.R. Martin Meeting His Editors and Publishers in August

We all knew George R.R. Martin was taking time off to push forward with writing The Winds of Winter.  But in a recent post over at George's Not a Blog, he's said something that quite interesting:

So I'm headed east the first week of August... for a wedding, yes, and no, that's private, so you don't get to hear any more about it... but I am going to see my editors and publishers and agents while I am in town, and do some other fun stuff... including a ball game. 

In the comments of the post, one person asked if this meeting with his editors, publishers, and agents was in regards to The Winds of Winter.  Which George simply answered by saying:

Oh, I imagine so.  It comes up from time to time, can't think why.

Maybe George is finally starting to wrap his writing on The Winds of Winter.  Whatever the case may be, it'll be interesting to see what new details come out about the book in August after his meetings.