More Game of Thrones Season 6 Casting News

Last week the awesome team over at Watchers on the Wall released a second casting list for the sixth season of Game of Thrones.  The list comes from a "reliable source" according to them, and if they deem it reliable, so do I.  

The list contains a few character names - although none match with any characters from the books - and a few titles.  We also have character descriptions for all the characters.  But that's never stopped us from speculating where each of these characters may end up in the series.  

  • Qhogo and Akrat - "They’re seeking mixed ethnicity or other non-white actors for the roles. The successful young warriors need to be tall, confident, with swagger and linguistic bravado. It’s noted that the actors will have to speak in a fictional language."
  • Bower - "He is a powerless servant, numb to the horror he serves. He’s filming around one of the days that below 'outlaw band' members are so he may be connected to them. He is required to have a Northern or Midland English accent and appears in one episode."
  • Lachlan - "He’s the big leader of a group of renegades who have turned on the land that they swore to protect. They’re now extorting the poor and vulnerable.  He appears in 2 episodes in season 6."
  • Flynn - "He’s part of an outlaw band. The group is using religion to justify terrorizing and extorting what they need from the people of the countryside. He appears in 2 episodes in season 6. He appears to be part of Lachlan’s band."
  • Japeth - "Another member of the outlaw band is this lieutenant. He’s a 'rough-and-ready type' with a strong physical presence, also appearing two episodes.
  • Legendary Fighter - "A man in his thirties or forties who is a great swordsman and a paragon of knighthood. He carries a hugely famous sword on his back.  The show is seeking a very impressive swordsman for the role- the best in Europe, for a week of filming fight scenes for a season 6 role. His ethnicity/race isn’t specified, unlike many other roles."
  • Lord of Noble Northern House - "(Casting age anywhere between 25-50) The lord is a savage warrior, and he rules a distinguished house in the very far North, and the role is said to be an impactful one. He’s described as a massive bear of a man with a beard and temper to match, and hatred that run deep, and he can be violent. The show’s looking for someone with a powerful physique who can tower over other cast members, a Northern English Accent and specifies he has to be at least 180 cm tall. The role will be on 2 episodes."
  • Lord of Northern Stronghold - "The show’s looking for an actor in his late thirties or forties to play another lord, one that’s ruthless and calculating. The frightening lord rules a vassal household with a castle stronghold. He’ll be in 3 episodes this year, with 20 days of filming this summer and fall."
  • Hunter - "He’s a rough army officer on the hunt appearing in an action scene with main cast, in one episode."
  • Submissive Maester - "The show’s casting a maester in his twenties- a timid young maester. He’s decent but has trouble standing up to others. He appears in one episode in season 6."
  • Green Recruit - "A young man with one line and one day of filming in August."
  • Sympathiser 1, 2, & 3 - "These are rough military types, with a day of filming."
  • Housemaid - "She’s the motherly nanny (with a tight whip) to a large household.
    The show wants an actress between the ages of 45-65 with a Northern English Accent. She’ll be in 2 episodes."
  • Father - "He’s tough and old, an alpha male patriarch. The show is looking for a man with a Northern English Accent. He appears in one episode and has 2 lines.

Its interesting to see so much talk about an "outlaw band" in these castings.  To me it sounds almost like the return of the Brotherhood Without Banners, after they took the turn for the worse under their new leader.  I don't quite see where this would make sense in the show, after all I thought they had cut that storyline.  And of course having Lachlan be the "big leader" of the group changes the Brotherhood Without Banners storyline entirely.  So I doubt that's what the group actually is, but it's definitely what came to mind.

The title Lord of Noble Northern House is a bit ambiguous for who I think might be filling this role.  Given the debate about who is actually the current Lord of Last Hearth, while the Greatjon is imprisoned.  But from the description of the character I think this might be Mors Umber, or at least I hope it is.  We need some more northern lords in the upcoming season, and Mors Umber would be a great addition.  

The last character I will talk about is the legendary fighter.  Now because they're aren't any characters who are still alive in Westeros who could be considered legendary, I think this might be a flashback character.  From the previous casting list it looked like we might be getting a few flashbacks this season.  That's why I think this legendary fighter might just be the legendary Arthur Dayne.  

Those are just a few ideas I had after looking at this casting list.  Please, leave your thoughts on these characters in the comments below!