"The Gift" Memorial Day Viewership

The numbers are in for last weeks episode of Game of Thrones, and they're what you might expect for how season 5's viewership has been preforming this year.  "The Gift" took a pretty big dip, taking in a total of 5.4 million viewers on its initial airing - that is a 840,000 drop from the previous episode, or 13%.  On its repeat viewing "The Gift" gained an additional .8 million viewers, bring its total up to 6.2 million.

This was the first episode, since season 2, where Game of Thrones aired on Memorial Day weekend.  And looking at the numbers, it makes sense why HBO has been trying to avoid the

This  was also the first time this season where Game of Thrones lost the week.  The NBA conference finals brought in a total of 7.7 million viewers, pushing Game of Thrones into the number two spot for Sunday.