"Kill the Boy" Preview

We're just a few hours away from the first, unleaked, episode fro, the fifth season of Game of Thrones.  Tonight's episode will pick up on the major cliff hanger we left off on in episode 4, "Sons of the Harpy".  

HBO has released two previews for tonight's episode on there Instagram account.  The first one teased a Bolton family dinner, and the second was a discussion between Jon Snow and Maester Aemon - although the Jon Snow clip has been taken down.   

The plot synopsis for tonight's episode, "Kill the Boy", is:

Dany (Emilia Clarke) makes a difficult decision in Meereen.  Jon (Kit Harington) recruits the help of an unexpected ally.  Brienne (Gwendoline Christie) searches for Sansa (Sophie Turner).  Theon (Alfie Allen) remains under Ramsay's (Iwan Rheon) control.