Viewership Drops for "The House of Black and White"

Coming off of the record breaking premiere of Game of Thrones season 5, it should be no surprise that episode two, "The House of Black and White", took a dip in viewership.  The first episode of season 5, "The Wars to Come", was viewed by 8 million people while last Sundays episode, "The House of Black and White", was viewed by 6.8 million people.  

Now of course 6.8 million viewers is nothing to brush off.  Game of Thrones was still the most successful show this past Sunday.  But a drop in viewership of, roughly, 1.2 million people is something to pay attention to - this being the largest drop of viewership in Game of Thrones history, the second largest being in season 4 losing roughly 760,000 viewers.  

I believe there are two reasons that may have caused this massive drop in viewership.  The first is quite simple, historically the second episode of each season has a drop in viewership.  However, these drops in viewership are usually only about 100,000, not 1.2 million.  The second reason, which may be the real reason we saw such a massive drop, was the fact that the first four episodes of season 5 leaked online the night before the premiere.  I think we'll start to see how big of an impact the leaked episodes will have, on the season, in the next few weeks.

Whatever caused this drop in views, Game of Thrones is still pulling in a massive viewership when compared to other shows.  So what do you think, will the show have a spike in viewership for episode three?  Or will it plateau until we get passed the leaked episodes?