Game of Thrones Betrayals Bracket

HBO is currently running a March Madness type bracket, where they pit some of the biggest betrayals of Game of Thrones history up against one another.  The bracket is just about to finish up with its round three matches for each season. 

The bracket includes moments such as: Joffrey beheading Ned, Theon taking Winterfell, the mutiny at Crasters Keep, and many more.  You can cast your votes here.  

However, with round three just about over, it looks like the semifinal matches will be:

  • Joffrey Beheads Ned (Season 1) VS. Theon taking Winterfell (Season 2)
  • Roose betrays Rob (Season 3) VS. Shae betrays Tyrion (Seaon 4)

So if these betrayals end up becoming our matches in the semifinals, which ones do you think will end up making it into the finals?  And which betrayal do you think has the best chance of winning the entire tournament?