Telltales' Game of Thrones Episode 3 Trailer

Telltale Games has just released the trailer, and release dates, for the third episode in their Game of Thrones series, titled "The Sword in the Darkness".  The release dates are as followed:

  • March 24 - PC/Mac (Worldwide), PS4 & PS3 (North America/SCEA)
  • March 25 - Xbox One & Xbox 360 (Worldwide), PS4 & PS3 (Europe/SCEE)
  • March 26 - iOS and Android (Worldwide)

So what do you think of the trailer?  Have you played the first two episodes, and if so do  you plan on picking up the third episode?  I know I will be, the first episode was a good starting point, but the second episode exceeded my expectations. I'm hoping the third episode will be even better as the stakes keeping getting raised with House Forrerster.