Arya Starks New Look for Season 5

Thanks to Entertainment Weekly we have gotten a bevy of new images for the upcoming season of Game of Thrones.  This article however will be looking at the new look Arya Stark will be taking on in season 5.

When we last left of with Arya in season four, she was leaving Westeros and heading towards the free city of Braavos.  With this change in locations, it made sense to also change up her look.  This is what Entertainment Weekly had to say about Arya's new look: "You'll hardly recognize Arya in Game of Thrones this year - no more muddy brown tunic and boy-ish haircut! Now the fan-favorite character has escaped Westeros, where she was traveling incognito disguised as a peasant boy for the past several seasons, the deadly Stark daughter received a radical makeover for her new life in Braavos."

So check out Arya's new look for yourself, and let me know what you think about her new makeover.