Game of Thrones Season Four Blu-Ray Set

The fourth season of Game of Thrones is just a few more days away until its Blu-Ray/DVD release - with an official release of February 17.  With the upcoming release means a bunch of behind the scene extras, and what is my personal favorite extra, several new Histories & Lore segments. 

As with all previous released of Game of Thrones you'll find the in-episode guide, which provides a background of information about characters, locations, and relevant histories for the episode.  Also there will be 16 Histories & Lore segments featuring the following topics:

  • House Martell
  • House Baelish
  • Dragons
  • Poisons
  • The Bastards of Westeros
  • The Iron Bank
  • Robert's Rebellion
  • Sellswords & Hedge Knights
  • The Wall
  • The Nations of the North
  • The Kingsguard - Jaime Lannister
  • The Kingsguard - Bronn
  • The Maester's Chain,
  • The Death of Kings
  • Valyrian Steel
  • Justice of the Seven Kingdoms

There will also be five extended segments, three of them almost pushing 30 minutes in length and the other two just around 7 minutes each.  Lets start with the two shorter ones first; Bastards of Westeros will take us into the role that bastards play in the Seven Kingdoms, this segment will be discussed between showrunners David Beniof and D.B. Weiss and also George R.R. Martin.  The second short feature, titled New Characters & Locations, will explore the new locations, societies and cultures of season 4.  Now for the longer ones; the first segment will be a 37 minute behind the scene segment of the Battle of the Wall.  The second will be a 29 minute round table discussion hosted by writer Bryan Cogman, with cast members of the show including Jack Gleeson, Rose Leslie, and Charles Dance.  And the final bonus feature will be The Politics and Power: A Look Back at Season 3.  This segment will look at the political changes from the events that occurred at the end of season 3 to the start of season 4.

There will also be two deleted scenes, them being titled "Bronn and Shae" and "Dany Missandei."  As well as a two minute blooper reel from the season.  

What would a box set of Game of Thrones be with without audio commentaries for the episode.  For season 4 you can expect 11 commentaries over the 10 episodes.  Here's a list of the episodes, and who will be appearing on them:

  • Episode 1 - David Benioff, D.B. Weiss, and Pedro Pascal
  • Episode 2 - Jack Gleeson, Natalie Dormer, George R.R. Martin, and Alex Graves
  • Episode 4 - Michelle Maclaren and Maisie Williams
  • Episode 5 - Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams
  • Episode 6 - Alik Sakharov and Bryan Cogman
  • Episode 7 - Aidan Gillen, Kate Dickie, Bernadette Caulfield and Chris Newman
  • Episode 8 - Deborah Riley, Michelle Clapton, and Anette Haelmick
  • Episode 9 (1) - Kit Harrington, Rose Leslie, and John Bradley
  • Episode 9 (2) - Steve Kullback and Joe Bauer
  • Episode 10 (1) - Rory McCann, Gwendoline Christie, and Alex Graves
  • Episode 10 (2) - Peter Dinklage, Lena Headey, and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Looking at the list of bonus features I know I'm looking forward to getting my hands on this - especially watching the History & Lore videos, and Bryan Cogman's round table with some of the cast.  So what about you?  Are you planning on picking season 4 up?  If so, check out the link here to pre-order a copy.  

And if your not quite sold yet, check out the first History & Lore video released exclusively from Target.