Exciting Pictures from Daznak's Pit

Some exciting new pictures, and a short video, have surfaced from Daznak's Pit.  Now as you may have guessed these two fall into the heavy spoiler section below the cut.

I unfortunately can't say to much about them above the break.  However it should be noted, these pictures don't show us anything especially ground breaking.  Everything these pictures show was basically covered in an older post I wrote - which also had it's contents fall under a heavy spoiler break.

I didn't like the other post I was talking about in the non-spoiler section for a reason.  But if your curious about that post, here it is.

For those of you who've read the books, we know that some sort of interpretation of Daznak's Pit scene would be in this season.  But unlike the books Ser Jorah is here, which will surely add for an interesting reunion.

It'll be very interesting to see which episode this takes place in.  I'm sure it'll be closer to the end, but will the show leave off with Dany's story line in the same manner as the books did?  We have nothing to say that the show will go further than the book's with Dany's story line, as of yet that is.  I can't say for certain how far they will go, but it'll definitely be interesting to see how they handle it.

Possibly the most exciting piece of this post.  This video of a flame thrower being put to use on some extras.  You can guess this scene will be absolutely amazing to see on screen, that is after the special effects are put to use.

So what do you think of the pictures and video?  Let me know your thoughts on everything below.