Emilia Clarke's Birthday?

With filming wrapping up in Osuna, Spain the cast and crew got Emilia Clarke a birthday cake..or more precisely a name day cake.  This would be the actresses 28th, but the catch is the controversy whether or not this was actually her birthday.

Several other sites have claimed that it was in fact Emila's birthday, while others say that it's not .  Google has Emilia Clarke' birthday as May 1 (now I know, you can't always trust the internet) - but back when Emilia was turning 26, The Huffington Post wrote an article for the actresses birthday, in which they specified her birthday as March 1.

So who know's what to believe.  Maybe it was her birthday - or maybe the cast just wanted to celebrate Emilia's birthday 6 months early with her.  The only important thing is that we get a better look at Daenerys's new dress - and that Emilia and the cast got, what looks, to be a delicious Targaryen cake.  For those of you curious, the cake reads "We fight and die for your honor, oh glorious Queen."

A video also has been posted showing some fans singing Happy Birthday to Emilia.

So what do you think, was it Emilia's birthday?  Or did the cast just want to celebrate it early with her.