Hoji Fortuna Cast

It has definitely been a hot week in the world of Game of Thrones casting updates.  Hoji Fortuna has been cast to play an unknown role in Season 4,  It is not yet officially confirmed, but his twitter account has been blowing up with hints to.  WinterisComing (click on the link to check out their article) was the first to catch this bit of news from Indiewire’s blog Shadow and Act.

There’s really only one character that comes to mind for Fortuna to play, Brown Ben Plumm.  In the books Brown Ben is the commander of the mercenary company the Second Sons.  Because the writers decided to introduce the Second Sons in season 3, I’m sure they’ll just pick another one of the mercenary companies out of the many they still haven’t mentioned.

Some people have been saying he could Jalabhar Xho, but really I don’t see Jalabhar ever being cast, and if he ever is it’ll be a very minor role something for an extra.

Check out some of Fortuna’s tweets here.

Good morrow, lads! I am finishing preparations for a trip to King’s Landing! News very soon :). You know what I’m… http://t.co/EQPvoqL2bP

— Hoji Fortuna (@HojiFortuna)

August 29, 2013

Game of Thrones! Watched the three seasons. Now reading the books. Why? You will soon know ;)

— Hoji Fortuna (@HojiFortuna)

August 23, 2013