Trixiebelle Harrowell Cast for Season 4

Child actress Trixiebelle Harrowell has been cast for a small role in Season 4.  There is no confirmation as to what character she will be playing or even whose story line she will appear in, but you can make some assumptions from the above picture, as well as from this picture tweeted out Trixiebelle's mother.

First of all the location where Trixiebelle's scenes are being filmed are in the Mourne mountains, which are located in Northern Ireland, Ill explain my thoughts more on this later.  Secondly the person standing next to Trixiebelle looks a lot like Maisie Williams in costume.  Which leads me to believe she will be in Arya's story line.

Ok so lets start off with the location first.  I think the Mourne Mountains could be used as the filming location for scenes in the Vale, when Sandor is taking Arya to her Aunt, Lyssa Arryn.

So who might Trixiebelle be playing then, well that's a good question.  I think she might simply be playing the farmers daughter that Arya and Sandor meet up with on their way to The Eyrie.   It makes sense with the picture Trixiebelle's mother tweeted out that clearly has "Farmers Daughter" marked on the door in the background.

So do you agree that Trixiebelle will be the farmers daughter in the Vale, or do you believe she's someone else? Please comment and let me know your thoughts!