Mystery Wildling

A photo has recently been tweeted by @subglacial showing what appears to be a Wildling.  There is no concrete evidence as to who it is yet, but I have an idea of who it may be.

Now there is no concrete evidence as to who this person is, but by a simple process of elimination I have come to a possible conclusion.  If we assume that he is a Wildling, going off of the clothes he is wearing, there are a few possible characters he could be. The three possible Wildlings he could be are Styr, Varamyr and the Weeper.

I don't believe he is Styr as I'm almost positive Joseph Gatt has been cast as Styr, read more about that here.  I really hope this isn't Varaymr, simply because of the physical description we get of Varaymr from the books.  Varamyr being a small, bald headed man, the above picture is almost the exact opposite.  That leaves us with one possible character, The Weeper.

I believe this person is going to be The Weeper.  Although he is carrying a bow and not a large scythe I can deal with that, even though I hope he will eventually get his scythe.  If this is The Weeper they would be changing the story by putting him south of the Wall, but lets be honest this wouldn't be the first time the writers have changed the story line.

So what do you think? Do you think this could be The Weeper?