Season 4 Casting Update

With already the largest cast on television, Game of Thrones has added three more to their ranks.

First, lets start off with two recasts for the show - one actor returning from from Season two, and a actress returning from Season 3.

First is Tony Way, who played the drunk of a night Ser Dontos Hollard.  You may remember his quick appearance showing up drunk to Joffrey’s name day, he was then made into the court fool.  After that he made a few appearances in the background, but nothing substantial.

Our second recast is Charlotte Hope who played Myranda, who was present at the Dreadfort (House Bolton’s fortress) toying with Theons emotions.


Now for the new cast member for Season 4, Brenock O’Connor, the young 13 year old.  I believe his character will be introduced in Arya’s story line, but as far as any details those sadly fall into the spoiler section.

Spoilers below if you haven't read A Storm of Swords.

So for Tony Way (Dontos) I’m gonna keep it short, because if you’ve read the books you know what will happen in his story line, and I’m not ruining it for you non-book readers (if you really wanna ruin it just Google his name, but seriously don’t!).  I just wanted to say, I was a little worried they were going to cut his role from the show, but now that they've recasted him I’m just very excited for it.

Now for the 13 year old Brenock O’Connor, I have two ideas about who he could be playing.  First, he could be the young squire of the Tickler and Polliver, who Arya kills.  Also possibly Edric Dayne, his age is just perfect to play the young squire of Beric Dondarrion.