Ellaria Sand Cast

We finally have our second Dornish role casted for Season 4, our first being Pedro Pascal as Oberyn Martell.  Indira Varma, who you may recall her from HBO’s Rome, has been casted to play Ellaria Sand the paramour of Prince Oberyn Martell.

I’m very happy with the role, although I never watched Rome before it was canceled I have heard she was great in it.  I think her appearance is pretty accurate to what I imagined Ellaria looking like, possibly just a smudge darker skin pigment otherwise I think they did a great job casting. Altogether I think she’ll do a great job, and am looking forward to seeing her as Ellaria.

For those of you who haven’t read the books and have no idea who Ellaria Sand is here’s a quick introduction.

Ellaria Sand is the paramour to Prince Oberyn Martell.  A paramour is simply someone’s unmarried lover of a noble born person.  Dorne is really the only place in Westeros that gives social acceptance to having a paramour.

If you couldn’t tell from her name she is a bastard born in Dorne (since her last name is Sand),  her father is Lord Harmen Uller the Lord of Hellholt.  She is the mother of the four youngest “Sand Snakes" Elia Sand, Obella Sand, Dorea Sand, and Loreza Sand.  The “Sand Snakes" are the bastard daughters of Oberyn Martell, eight in total, and basically just about some of the coolest girls in the story.