Director Neil Marshall Returns for Season 4

Neil Marshal director of season 2’s monumental episode “Blackwater" is going to be returning for season 4.  The “Blackwater" episode involved some of the biggest set pieces, and possibly the most action seen to date in HBO’s Game of Thrones series.

Although the specifics of the episode are still unknown, I have my speculations.  I strongly believe it will be the famous Battle of Castle Black, between the King-Beyond-the-Wall Macne Rayder with his army of 100,000 wildlings and the Nights Watch under the command of Donal Noye.  Although there is a chance that the show may cut Donal Noye from the show entirely, I really hope this doesn't happen as I like the one armed blacksmith.

Now the question is does the episode last the entire 60 minutes?  I kinda hope it does, “Blackwater" worked really well doing that and there is definitely enough material here to do a full hour.