The World of Ice and Fire Sample Pages


Just a few more days until the release of The World of Ice and Fire.  For those of you out there who are like me, and just cannot wait to get your hands on some new Game of Thrones material, your in luck!  Barnes & Noble has just released a few new display pages from the The World of Ice and Fire.

However there is a catch, I was only able to clearly read the "Kings of Winter" page.  With the other pages, when I zoom in to read them the text gets to distorted to clearly read the words.  However they are still beautiful to look at.  So check out the pages below and let me know if you had better luck reading them.

Also to hold you over until Tuesday, check out my other post as I track Harper Voyager as they tweet out Facts of Ice and Fire, from the The World of Ice and Fire book.  

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