Daznak's Pit Pictures

New pictures have surfaced showing the filming that is currently underway in Osuna, Spain for the fifth season of Game of Thrones.  Pictured above is the infamous bull ring which will be used to represent Daznak's Pit in Meereen.

With these new pictures I'm a bit hesitant to say anything else, just for spoiler reasons.  So for the real meat of this post you'll have to go below the break.  But be warned this post will be very spoiler heavy if you have not read through A Dance with Dragons...and even if you have read the books this could still be spoilery.  The below pictures show something that I don't think any book reader would've expected to see this soon in the show - as it's something we haven't even seen in the books yet.

Lets start with the set of pictures featuring Daenerys, Hizdahr zo Loraq, Missandei, Daario Naharis, and Tyrion Lannister.  Now before we tackle the elephant in the room lets go over some smaller details first.  Lets star with the clothing first we can see that Dany is not wearing her usual blue dress, but rather she is dressed in white.  She may be changing up the dress in celebration of her wedding with Hizdahr zo Loraq - as this is something we will most certainly be seeing this season.  I think its also worth noting that these pictures do not include either Grey Worm or Barristan Selmy.

Now for the piece that has swept through the fandom these last few days.  Tyrion being in dais with Dany, and everyone else.  This could possibly be the largest deviation from the books, that the show has taken it its entire run time.   I'm not sure how they'll be going about with this story - but its very interesting to know that this scene will be happening.  My initial thought was they may do something similar to what they did in season 2 with  Arya and Tywin.  That is by having Tyrion in the presence of Dany, but never coming out and saying who is he.  But the fact that he is actually on the same level as Dany, Hizdahr, and Missandei is what makes me believe that's not the show plan.  Whatever the case may be, this scene, and story line, will be one that fans will be talking about for awhile.  I can't quite say if I'm happy with it - its to much of a change in my opinion.  All I hope is that they do a good job with it.

These second set of images are almost as shocking as the first - that is of Ser Jorah Mormont fighting in Daznak's Pit.  Again, another huge deviation from the books, as Ser Jorah never steps foot back into Meereen after being banished by Dany.  The possibilities of how he'll end up back in Meereen are almost endless.  I hope Ser Jorah, as a character, takes a similar path as the one he takes in the books, because after being banished from Meereen (and ultimately Daenerys) his character changes a lot.  And I'm worried that this major character change will be missed in the show, since we can see he's already back in Meereen - not necessarily in the best way though.  But knowing he'll have the presence of Daenerys leads to the question of what she'll do if, or when, she recognizes him fighting.

Now for book readers (and if you haven't read the books, I assume you don't care about spoilers at all) you know that in A Dance with Dragons  one of the main story lines is with Tyrion and Ser Jorah traveling throughout Esos.  Because of these pictures it makes me wonder if these two characters paths will not conect.  Because it doesn't make much sense that if they did, one would be in the pits fighting, and the other would be sharing the dais with the Queen and King of Meereen.  And if in fact this story line is thrown away, just what exactly will be the repercussions of that.

So what do you think of these images?  And do you think we'll see Tyrion and Ser Jorah having a similar story as that in A Dance with Dragons?  Let me know your thoughts on these questions, and anything else, in the comments below!  As always please leave a "Spoiler" tag if necessary.