With just under two weeks until the release of The World of Ice and FireUK publisher Harper Voyager has been teasing the upcoming book with #FactsOfIceAndFire.  The #FactsOfIceandFire has been going on since October 1, and is a collection of facts from the upcoming book - some of them being never-before-heard facts, and others that are easily known by anyone who has read the books.

Here are the #FactsOfIceAndFire that have been tweeted out so far:

  • Aegon I Targaryen conquered the Seven Kingdoms at the age of 27.
  • The Valyrians are the only people of the world with eyes in shades of purple.
  • Maegor the Cruel killed his wife Tyanna, cut out her hear with Blackfyre and threw it to the dogs.
  • Daemon Targaryen offended the men of Arryn saying "The sheep are prettier than their women"
  • Quen Rhaenyra possessed 15 dragons, including one named The Cannibal.
  • Nights Watch member "the Rat Cook" served a king his own song baked in a pie.
  • Volantis slaves have tattooed faces.  Dung collectors are marked with flies.
  • Ellyn Reyne tried to seduce Tytos Lannister but was so intimidated, he couldn't perform and fled.
  • In Kings Landing, Aerys II was called King Scab as he cut himself many times upon the Iron Throne.
  • Women in Bayasabhad defend the city due to a belief that only those who give life can take it.
  • Joffrey Valaryon, Prince of Dragonstone, fell to his death trying to ride his mum's dragon.
  • Khal Temmo cut off Khal Dhako's hands, feet, and genitals and roasted them before his eyes.
  • The Rhyonar people are said to be the first to learn the art of iron-making.
  • Most agree that the Doom of Valyria was caused by a vast chain of Volcanoes.
  • Emerging from the battle head to heel in blood, Dalton Greyjoy became known as the Red Kraken
  • Qohor's god the Black Goat demands daily sacrifice.
  • After calling himself triarch for life, Horonno was seized by rioters & torn apart by elephants.
  • Royce redarm got his surname for his habit of pulling out the entrails of his foes.
  • Orys One-Hand liked to lop off his captives hands & feet and leave them to rot in his tent.
  • Dwellers of the Remote Isle of Toads have fishy features including webbed hands and feet.
  • Legend has it that Rodrik Stark won Bear Island back from the ironborn in a wrestling match.
  • It's said that every 77 years a storm greater than all others comes howling upon Storm's End.
  • Castamere seemed a modest holding, but nine tenths of the castle was underground.
  • Tytos Lannister's heart burst as he was climbing steps towards the bedchamber of his mistress.
  • Bors the Breaker gained the strengths of 20 men by drinking only bull's blood.

For more #FactsOfICeAndFire until the release of the book, head on over and follow Harper Voyager on Twitter.  Or check back here, as I'll be updating this as the tweets come out!  And for a chance to win a free copy of The World of Ice and Fire, enter the giveaway we are currently running!