What We Saw In Dubrovnik

Filming in the city of Dubrovnik has finally come to an end.  In this post we will be exploring a few of the most notable things that were captured on the set of Game of Thrones - of course no spoilers until after the break. The first notable sighting to mention is the faith militant.  In season 5 we will being seeing a much more important role from the side of the faith - more specifically that of the faith of the Seven.  These images give us a good idea of what they'll be looking like.  Its very easy to notice the seven pointed start on the foreheads of these men.  It is unclear as of now if this will be the Poor Fellows or the Warrior's Sons, of if the show will even include both groups.  As of it now it would appear only one of the groups will make it into the show - possibly a combination of two, as the show has done will other similar groups in previous seasons.

Also the image below gives us our first look at Jonathan Pryce, who will be playing the High Sparrow in this coming season.

Another interesting prop that appeared early on set is the newly designed carriages for presumably Cersei, Tommen, and possibly Margaery?  Nothing is certain as of yet, but I assume the heavily armored carriage will be Cersei's to show her ever growing fears and suspicions after the death of Tywin in the season 4 finale.  Let me know who you think will be sitting in each of these carriages!

Stop reading now if you have not read the books.  There are some heavy spoilers coming, involving a certain walk that will be taking place in season 5 and a deviation from the books involving another character.

The first thing we'll be looking at is this video that was posted by a fan showing Loras Tyrell being taken captive by the faith militant.  For those of you who have read the books (and if you haven't read the books you really shouldn't continue reading, some major spoilers are coming) you know that this is an entirely new scene for the show.  There isn't any other information out there as to what specifically this new story line will entail, but I think Loras may be taking on part of Osney Kettleblack's role from A Dance with Dragons.  

The last, and possibly largest, scene filmed in Dubrovnik was the infamous penance walk.  Below are some photos of Cersei (either Lena Headey, or her body double) with a sheared head and what looks to be mud and blood on her back.  From the looks of it this scene will be just as powerful as it was from the books - and if I had to guess will be one of the scenes that people will most remember from season 5.

We also have some photos of the surrounding crowd that will be accompanying Cersei on her walk, as well as some Lannister guards.

It should also be noted that in some photos shared by Watchers on the Wall, David Nutter was seen on set directing Cersei's walk.  So with that we can assume to see the walk appearing in either episode 9 or 10.