House of Black and White Props

Thanks to Reddit user PunchPatrolwe have a new look at some of the props that will be appearing in season 5.  The props we have are of two statues, which will be making an appearance in the House of Black and White.  The statues are of The Weeping Woman, and the Lion of Night.  These two statues represent Gods, whom are worshiped by some of the free cities in Essos.  The Weeping Woman, a god from Lyse, is  commonly visited by older women - The bowl in the hand of the Weeping Woman is filled by tears falling from her eyes.  The Lion of Night is commonly visited by wealthy men men, and is a god in Yi Ti. 

I'm curious because now that we know the show is deciding to stay true to show, with these statues at least, just what other Gods we may be seeing in the  House of Black and White. I assume we will see a statue for the Stranger, but could we also possibly see statues for Bakkalon or maybe even the Merling King?

Let me know your thoughts on the statues pictured above.  And what other Gods do you think we will be seeing in season 5?