Construction at Diocletian's Palace

Filming continues to roll on in Split, and with that so does the construction.  Some new sets are under construction at Diocletian's Palace - some old, and some new.  The old set that will be brought back for season 5 is that of the chamber where Daenerys locked her two dragons Viserion, and Rhaegal.  The inclusion of this set for season 5 makes me very happy - I can't say specifics why, but if you've read the books, you know why.

The second set of photos has the makings of a market place, or possibly a tavern.  What exactly this set will be used for is still unclear at the moment.  From what we can see in these images it could lean either way, so I think we have to consider what scenes this set could be user for.  And when we take into consideration that this set will most likely be used for a Meereen scene, I still can't quite decide whether or not it will be a market place, or a tavern.

You can check out the rest of the photo gallery at!

So are you excited to be heading back into the dragon chamber?  And what do you think the second set of photos looks like, a tavern or a market place? Let me know your thoughts below.

Slight spoilers below.

Jutarnji List has recently released some photos from Diocletian's Palace showing more of the same construction going on.  But what those photos included was a look at what appears to be Game of Thrones representation of the Brazen Beasts.  Take a look:

I think, from what I can see in these pictures at least, that the Brazen Beasts don't look to bad.  To be honest I'm just glad to see that show isn't getting rid of them entirely.  From reading the books I had always imagined their masks to look more representative of the animal it was suppose to look like - Because of the distance these pictures were taken I can't quite make the fine details of the masks out, so its possible they could look great.  Although I can see the horns on the masks, which is a nice addition.  Regardless of the masks details, I am just glad to see the show including the Brazen Beasts.