Myranda Returning for Season 5


Well it looks like Ramsay's favorite girl, Myranda, will be returning for season 5 of Game of Thrones.  Now Myranda didn't play a very large role in season 4, mainly only helping Ramsay hunt down and kill another of Ramsay's companions.  But her role in the this coming season may be increased.

According to the actresses CV she will be appearing in episodes directed by Mark Mylod, Jeremy Podeswa, and David Nutter.  Now with this information we know she will be potentially appearing in the following episodes: 503, 504, 505, 506, 509, and 510.  Clearly with the potential of appearing in so many episodes we can assume her role in the show will be increased.

Since the show has shown a history of forgetting old characters, and essentially throwing them away for no reason except possibly being afraid the casual viewer may have forgot them.  A great example of this is Tyrion and Tywin's final scene in season 4.  The scene was suppose to mention Tysha, however she was replaced with Shae a character who the viewers knew more about.  Now I see no reason to do this beside the fact that fans of the show probably had forgotten who Tysha was - however this is not a valid excuse.

The history of Game of Thrones doing this leads me to believe that Myranda will take on the role of Jeyne Poole.  In the show Jeyne Poole hasn't been seen since season 1, so I have no faith that her character will ever make a reappearance - however her character in the book has much more story than just being the friend of Sansa.  In the books she is sent to the Dreadfort, taking on the role of another character - who I will not mention, if you've read the books you know who it is - to marry Ramsay.  I believe Myranda will be taking on the role of Jeyne's story, that of taking on a false identity and marrying Ramsay.

Now she may not be taking on this particular story line.  She may simply continue doing the same old stuff she has been doing in the previous seasons, hunting down people that make her jealous and sleeping with Ramsay.  I for one can only take so much of this single note character.  I hope whatever they have planned for he fleshes out the character more and gives her an actual story.

So what do you think Myranda's role will be in the coming season of Game of Thrones?