House of Black and White Pictures

Ever since the first images of the pillars in Split have appeared many people have been speculating what location this set would be representing in the show. With these new images, showing the doors painted half white and half black, we know that this location will be representing Braavos.  And more specifically The House of Black and White, for those of you who know what that is (if you don't know, don't Google it).

These pictures, initially found by Watchers on the Wall, showing the black and white doors are good enough as a confirmation that this structure is The House of Black and White.  I think it looks fantastic, the pillars look just as grandiose as I had always expected The House of Black and White would.  I can't wait to see this after that green screen is put to use and the visual effects have been applied.

Spoilers ahead if you have not read the books -  about a certain actor/actress (trying to be as vague as possible) spotted on set!

Not much of a spoiler really, because if you have read the books you know this is coming.  But Maisie Williams has been spotted on this set in Split - which just adds more to the fact that this location is The House of Black and White.

So what do you think of the structure?  Does it look as you had imagined from the books?  Let me know your thoughts below!