Casting in Osuna

Casting for Game of Thrones extras started yesterday in Osuna, and will continue throughout today. Game of Thrones is looking to narrow the casting  down to a short list of 2,500 people (1,250 men and 1,250 women), and from there narrow it down further to 500 people who will actually make it onto set. These extras will be filming in both Seville and or Osuna between October 10 and 29.  We know that Spain will be used for scenes in Dorne and Meereen.

The casting call was looking for men and women between the ages of 18 and 60, of all races. "Men with good (not bodybuilders) physical conditions," with short and medium length hair.  It was also mentioned that the men should be prepared to grow or cut their facial hair.  As for the women, they were looking for thin women with long, uniform, hair.  No applicants could have green, red, violet, blue, pink, or any colored hair - apparently they were only looking for applicants with brunette hari.  Also no applicants with large visible tattoos were allowed.