Mark Gatiss Returning for Season 5


Last week Entertainment Weekly announced that Mark Gatiss (Tycho Nestoris) would be returning for season 5 of Game of Thrones.  Tycho Nestoris was the Iron Banker who met with Stannis and Davos - and in doing so backed Stannis Baratheon.

Because Gatiss has such a busy year - also filming for Doctor Who and Sherlock - I wonder if his screen time in season 5 will be equal to that of season 4.  In season 4 he appeared for only one episode, and in that episode "The Laws of Gods and Men" only appeared on screen for a few minutes.  Regardless of how much screen time Gatiss will get I'm looking forward to seeing the show give more time to the Iron Bank.

In A Feast for Crows we are introduced to an employee of the Iron Bank, Noho Dimittis who was sent to King's Landing to collect on the Thrones debts.  Now since I'm assuming Gatiss's role will be similar to that of season 4 - only receiving one scene, totaling maybe a few minutes - I think he will be taking on the role of Noho Dimittis.  I think if they go this path we will be in for quite a treat seeing  Mark Gatiss and Lena Headey on screen together.  It doesn't seem in HBO's nature to intoruce another Iron Banker employee for only a single scene, when we've already been introduced to this other Tycho Nestoris.

So what do you think they will do with Mark Gatiss in season 5?  Let me know your thoughts below, and please leave a spoiler tag.