New Set Photos from Kaštel Gomilica

We have some new photos of the set design in our newest filming location, Kaštel Gomilica.  None of these new pictures have confirmed what this will be used to represent in Game of Thrones - But I think it has the making of Braavos.

The following galleries go in order of oldest to newest, to allow you to visually follow the developments being made!

This set of photos from shows us the development going on in the alleyways and around the waterfront.

In a newer set of photos shared by Croatia's Jutarnji List, initially spotted by Watchers on the Wall, we can see Kaštel Gomilica's waterfront set going under some more development.  Also in this set of photos we can see that the Lannister-Baratheon house sigil - originally visible in the above gallery - has been completely covered with stone.

I think the fact that they are spending so much time developing the waterfront set adds to the likelihood of this being Braavos.  I'm just very curious as to why they covered up the Lannister-Baratheon house sigil.

So do you agree that this set will be used for Braavos in season 5, if not what do you think it will be used for?  Also why do you think they covered up the Lannister-Baratheon house sigil?  Let me know your thoughts below!