Set Construction Under Way in Split

With season 5 production for Game of Thrones rolling on, we get out first look at the set production that is going on in Split, Croatia. has recently posted some pictures showing a columned set piece being built in front of the old hotel in Zagreb.  Although it is not stated what the structure will be used for, in a Watchers on the Wall article it is rumored that this set could be used for a scene in either Braavos or Meereen.

And a few more pictures from

For my opinion on what this set will be used for go below the break - Slight spoilers.

So if we go off of the opinion that this set will be used for a scene in either Meereen or Braavos, we have a few possible options - although only one that talk about (the other ideas are to spoilery).   With Arya heading to Braavos this building could be the House of Black and White.  The House of Black and White will have to make an appearance in season 5, and this grandiose structure has the making of it.  The fact that the set is located on the water plays an important piece in what building this could be, and because of that my main opinion falls to The House of Black and White.

So what do you think this structure will be in season 5? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!