HQ Pics From Portstewart Filming

Location filming in Portstewart has wrapped, but new pictures are still rolling out.  Thanks to Watchers on the Wall for catching these pictures, posted on Flickr by user Herringpond, we get our first set of high quality images showing some Dornish peasants as well as a Dornish patrol. 

As always Michelle Clapton, the costumer designer for Game of Thrones, has done an absolutely phenomenal job here.  It should be noted that the actors were on break when these images were taken, as we can see some of them eating and drinking.

Below will be some spoilers regarding the Dornish riders, and that little bit of blood on the uniform of the rider on the right.

As I mentioned in an earlier post Jaime and Bronn will be in a fight sequence between a Dornish patrol.  With the blood seen on one of the Dornish riders uniform, I think we can assume that this is the Dornish patrol that Bronn and Jaime will be fighting.

Now since Jaime has lost his sword hand and essentially cannot fight anyone successfully, I wonder if Bronn will have to handle these five riders all by himself.  We know Bronn is a great fighter, but taking on five opponents single-handedly in the Game of Thrones world is almost a death wish.

I'll be talking more about the particulars of Jaime and Bronn's adventures in Dorne in a later post!