Filming In Portstewart Underway

The filming of Game of Thrones season 5 is going strong in Portstewart.  Thanks to some fans around the filming location we get to see some of the scenes that are currently being filmed.  It would appear that the majority of what is being filmed, right now, is dealing with some Dornish riders, and some new, possible uninvited, guests to the Dornish lands - I'll be talking about those two under the break in a spoiler area. Here are a few photos of some Dornish riders that have leaked onto the internet:

So for those of you who don't want to know anymore about what is going on stop reading here, this includes you too book-readers.  The images below confirm a major change in the story line for some characters, so continue at your own risk.

The following two pictures give us a better idea just of what is going to be happening in these scenes.

It would appear that Jaime and Bronn are going to Dorne in an attempt to rescue Myrcella, and that somehow Ellaria finds out about this plan.  Now of course as readers of the book know this story line is entirely fabricated for the show.  In one of the pictures above there is an event labeled "Fight sequence, Snake killing" now when comparing this to the other image we can assume that the fight sequence will be referring to the scene in which Bronn and Jaime fight a Dornish Patrol.  I do not believe that the "Snake killing" is in reference to the killing of a Sand Snake, as some people have speculated - But rather the killing of a literal snake.

Check back to read my thoughts on the change in Jaime and Bronn's story line, and what them being in Dorne means for the story.