The Winds of Winter Prologue?


During the Game of Thrones Comic Con panel George R.R. Martin let slip a little piece of information about The Winds of Winter.  Now what that little piece of information is has to do with a character that will be making an appearance in the prologue of The Winds of Winter.  Now as you may have guessed this topic is pretty spoilery.  So for that reason the details will be below the break!

So what George said during the panel is that we would be seeing Jeyne Westerling in the prologue of The Winds of Winter.  Now when you first hear this you might think "oh no!  George is finally killing off Jeyne in the books!" which is rightfully thought when we look back at the fates of prologue/epilogue characters.  But George never said that the Jeyne would be the POV of the prologue, simply that she would be making an appearance.  Check out this interview with George, after the Comic Con panel, from Zap2it, in which he clarifies a bit more on Jeynes role in the prologue.

When we last left off with Jeyne she was being escorted back to the Crag, by Forley Prester and and escort of soldiers.  These orders were given by Jamie Lannister after the siege of Riverrun was settled.  So from this bit of information we might assume that the POV would be from that of Forley Prester, or possibly one of the soldiers assisting in the escort of Jeyne.  Now of course this could be all wrong, and the POV might be of someone else who just so happens to cross the escorts path looking for Jeyne.  Possibly the Blackfish or the Brotherhood Without Banners?  Until the release of the book its all speculation.

So what do you think?  Will the POV of the chapter be that of Forley Prester, or one of the soldiers in the escort back to the Crag?  Or will it be someone else who happens to cross the paths of this escort?  Let me know your thoughts below!