The High Sparrow Cast


So continuing my individual postings for each new character that was announced in HBO's video Season 5 - New Cast Memberslets look at the High Sparrow.  This character is going to be an entirely new character for show-watchers, with no previous mentioning's or family connections.  The High Sparrow will be played by Jonathan Pryce, who has previously been in the The Pirates of The Caribbean movies as Governor Weatherby Swann.

Now I don't really wanna say to much about the High Sparrow, simply because any description about the character may be taken as spoiler for some.  For this reason HBO's description of the High Sparrow will be below the break.  So for those of you have not read the books don't read any further, and simply look forward to seeing this new character in season 5.

The High Sparrow was described in HBO's press release as:

A devout and pious man, the High Sparrow came to King’s Landing to serve those forgotten by much of the world – the poor, the downtrodden and the infirm – and quickly amassed a large following. His fellow believers have swarmed over the city, ministering to the lowest and decrying the corruption of the highest.

With the casting of the High Sparrow for season 5 it brings up a few questions for me.  Primarily, how far they are planning on taking this story line.  I'm very curious if they will show Cersei's Penance Walk in this season.  It would make sense to end the season (at least for her story line) with the walk, if they are planning of going that far that is.  My other thought is that Cersei's walk could be saved for the following season, and season 5 would end with her being taken prisoner of the Faith.

So how far do you think they are planning on going in season 5?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!  And as always please tag your comment with a spoiler tag.