Areo Hotah Cast

The next character we will be talking about from HBO's Season 5 - New Cast Members video is Areo Hotah.  Areo Hotah will be played by DeObia Oparei, who has previously appeared in films such as Dredd, Doom, Alien 3, and many more. Areo Hotah was described in HBO's press release as:

Areo Hotah is the long-serving captain of Doran Martell’s palace guard, renowned for his loyalty and his longaxe.


Looking at the picture of DeObai Oparei I simply cannot wait to see him wielding the great longaxe.  I think HBO did a fantastic casting job here.  I'm not positive on DeObai's acting abilities, but as always I will put my faith in HBO.  Looking at their track record of casting decisions they have almost always done a fantastic job.  I'm speaking on a purely physical standpoint here, that DeObai looks great for the role of Areo Hotah.

So who is Areo Hotah?  Well lets start at the beginning.  Areo Hotah is from the Free City of Norvos, where he was trained, from a very young age by the Bearded Priests of Norvos.  At the age of 16 Areo completed his training, and was wedded to his axe.  Some time after that he traveled to Dorne with Mellario of Noros, Doran Martell's wife.  The marriage between Mellario and Doran is what brought Areo Hotah into the service of House Martell.

Now some may bring up the point that in the books Areo Hotah comes from the Free City of Norvos.  And that because of this DeObia's ethnicity does not match that of Areo Hotah's from the books.  Now the way I feel about this types of complaint is you can either complain about it, rightfully so,  or not worry about it.  Because really does it impact the story? No, not really.  And because it really doesn't effect the story, in any way, there's no point to complain about it.  They could simply change the history behind Areo Hotah, and make him come from any where else that would line up DeObia's ethnicity with Areo Hotah's.  Its a very simply solution, that in the end wont effect the overall story.

So what do you think of this casting choice?  Let me know in the comments!