George R.R. Martin on The World of Ice and Fire

George R.R. Martin was asked about his involvement in the upcoming book The World of Ice and Fire.  See what he said here:

In regards to the book, how much have you wrote yourself personally or is all of it your own writing and Elio and Linda just editing it all?
Elio and Linda went through all the published novels, the Dunk & Egg stories, etc, pulled out the historical references, legends, and such, organized all of that into a chronology, and wrote a first draft. Then I stepped in, revising their draft, filling the holes, answering questions, resolving contradictions, and adding new material where little or none existed in the published books. Of course, as with the novels, “the tale(s) grew in the telling,” and I ended up adding a LOT... so much that in the end we had to rip out more than two hundred thousand words of it (which will eventually appear in the GRRMarillion). In the cases where I wrote way, way, way too much, Elio and Linda then went back in and produced a severely abridged version.

For instance, the full account of the Dance of the Dragons ran to 80,000 words, a novel all by itself. Gardner Dozois trimmed that to 30,000 words for DANGEROUS WOMEN, producing “The Princess and the Queen.” Elio and Linda produced an entirely DIFFERENT abridgement (even shorter, I believe) for THE WORLD OF ICE AND FIRE, working from the same text. For the full version, you will need to wait...
— George R.R. Martin