Knight of the Gate Cast


Our newest character from the Vale has been cast, that of Alisdair Simpson taking on the role of Ser Donnel Waynwood, the Knight of the Gate.  According to Alisdair’s CV his character name is simply the ‘Knight of the Gate’.  The Knight of the Gate is the title given to the commander of the Bloody Gate, so I think its a safe bet that Alisdair will be Ser Donnel Waynwood (who is currently holding the position).

Earlier it was announced that Paola Dionisotti will be playing the part of Lady Anya Waynwood, the mother of Donnel Waynwood, and head of House Waynwood.

On Alisdair’s CV it says that his episodes will be directed by Michelle Maclaren and Alex Graves.  So we can expect to be seeing Alisdair as well as the Vale somewhere between episodes 2 and 5.

Its nice to see they have finally cast the Knight of the Gate.  We were suppose to have Brynden Tully acting as the Knight of the Gate upon Catelyn’s arrival to the Vale back in season 1, but that was cut from the season.  All together I’m really happy to see the amount of Vale characters being cast, as it is one of my favorite story lines in the books.