Crasters Wife/Daughters


So it looks like the list of Craster’s Wife/Daughters is growing.  Deirdre Monaghan’s CV states that she will be taking on the role of Morag Craster.  Apperaing in an episodes directed by Michelle MacLaren which will land her in either episode 4 or 5.  Note that this means we’ll be returning to Craster’s Keep in either of those episodes as well.’s article on Monaghan being cast, stated that adult actress Saffie Jacobs would also be taking on the role of one of Craster’s Wife/Daughters as well.  Saffie Jacobs tweeted about working alongside fellow adult actress Aeryn Walker.

@naughtynerdy Hi sweetie, I found you! Lol. Plus, it was a pleasure working alongside you last week in @GameOfThrones . Hope you are well xx

— Saffie Jacobs (@saffiejacobs)
September 7, 2013

@saffiejacobs It was great to meet you on the set of @GameOfThrones :D I can’t wait to watch us on tv :p

— ★ AERYN WALKER ★ (@naughtynerdy)
September 7, 2013

So it seems that the amount of adult actresses at Craster’s Keep has greatly risen since the Nights Watch deserters have taken over.  This of course leads me to speculate on which way that story will be going, but of course we’ll have to wait and see.

All together I’m really looking forward to see how this story will go (not because of the increase of adult actresses) because as a book reader we never get a perspective of Crasters Keep after the mutiny takes places.  Along with this actresses, Burn Gorman and Luke Barnes I think it will be very interesting to see how they take this story.