Locke Returning


Last week WinterisComing posted an article saying that Noah Taylor would be returning as Locke.  As well as the other Bolton bannerman who took Jaime’s sword hand.

There was also some information about what their story was going to include for season 4.  I can’t explain it without spoiling some stuff.  So if you just have to know what it is that they will be doing click the read more.  but be warned non book readers, only read the top paragraph.  As the rest of the text will be including my spoiler filled thoughts on Locke’s story for season 4.

So it appears Locke and the other Bolton men will be taking the black in season 4.  For people who’ve read the books this is simply puzzling.  Locke is basically the equivalent of Vargo Hoat, from his love for bears and the fact he took part in Jaime loosing his hand.  Only thing Locke is missing is a lisp, a goat for his sigil, and has one to many ears.

So for those of you who made it this far, congratulations! Unless of course you haven’t read the books and plan on reading this entire section, ruining one of the most important moments for yourselves,  If that’s the case close the window NOW.

Some ideas for Locke’s story line at the wall have popped up with the recent news of his return.  The first of which is that he will be taking on the role of Bowen Marsh’s huge moment at the end of A Dance With Dragons.  I can not see this being the plan for Locke.  Yes Bowen Marsh was only in the first season, and has not been cast back yet, but still to say that Locke will take on that part is ludicrous.  That moment must be done by a Nights Wathchmen, I can’t make that more more clear.  If it ends up that Locke is the one delivering the finishing blow, I’m likely to shut of my TV.

I think the most likely thing is that Locke will join the group of Allister Thorne and Janos Slynt as the antagonistic Nights Watchmen against Jon.  This makes the most sense to me.  Of course this isn’t the path I would have written for Locke, and I’m very confused as to why their deciding to do it.  But I never loose faith in David and Dan.

Some people have brought up the point that this will almost have e negative effect for Briennes story from A Feast For Crows, and I cannot disagree with that.  I think its very foolish to take Locke away, as it seemed that he would take the place of Rorge at their confrontation at the Crossroads.  It wont make as much sense with Rorge because these three have no past history together.