Rupert Vansittart Cast

We finally get our first bit of casting news for the Vale.  It appears, according to his CV, that Rupert Vansittart has been cast to play the part of Lord Yohn Royce.

Yohn is the Lord of Runestone and head of House Royce.  He is nicknamed “Bronze Yohn” for the thousand year old bronze armor he wears.  He is an older man but still very strong and tall.

In the first 5 minutes of season 1 we were introduced to one of Yohn’s sons, Ser Waymar Royce.  Ser Waymar was the commanding officer of the three Nights Watchmen who were sent out on a ranging mission after a band of Wildlings.  However if you remember the scene, Then you remember how two of the Nights Watchmen (including Waymar) were killed, and the third fled south of the wall to later be executed by Eddard Stark.

I’m very pleased with the choice of Vansittart as Royce.  I think he looks physically great for the role, that being an older man (being 55) who looks like he can still kick some ass.  Also the fact that were getting characters from the Vale early is fantastic.  It makes me start wondering just how far this season will take that story.