Mark Gatiss's Role Announced!

The wait is finally over, Mark Gatiss’s role for Game of Thrones season 4 has been officially announced.  WinterIscoming was the first to spot the update on Gatiss’s CV, stating that Gatiss will be taking on the role of Tycho Nestoris.

Tycho Nestoris is one of the representatives of the Iron Bank of Braavos.  Nestoris has the duty of negotiating the payment plans for the debt the Iron Throne currently owes.

The Iron Bank of Braavos is a bank located in the free city of Braavos (if you couldn’t get that bit of information from the name).  The Iron Bank is richer and more powerful than all the other free city banks combined.  In season 3, episode 3 (Walk of Punishment) Tyrion references the Iron Bank of Braavos:

            “Anyway, it’s not my father I’m worried about.  its the Iron Bank of Braavos.  We owe them tens of millions.  If we fail to pay these millions, the Bank will fund our enemies.  One way or another, they always get their gold.”

            -Tyrion Lannister